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Mini cupcakes

Went on a little shopping excursion this weekend and got some new baking supplies. Desperately needed a cooling rack and finally got a mini-cupcake pan that I’m really excited about. I tend to bring my treats in to work with me but often the recipe doesn’t make enough for the the whole office so I have to make two batches, which kind of defeats the point of bringing them into work to get rid of them in the first place.

Tested out a bunch of new stuff on Sunday when I made these mini gingerbread cupcakes. I still need practice on my frosting skills for sure but sprinkles help. Everyone seemed to love these even though they were a little crispy on top.

Also made some strawberry filled vanilla cupcakes this morning that I haven’t tried yet…


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Mini Lemon Bundts

Here are some mini lemon bundt cakes I made just a few weeks ago. I veganized a recipe that I’ve attempted many times in the past but pretty much gave up on until this time. They’ve never come out looking so good. They were a lot more cakey than I expected but delicious with such a sweet lemon icing on top. I bought this mini bundt cake pan specifically to make these guys but I find it makes a lot of regular recipes more fun. Like banana bread. Somehow things are just more exciting when they’re in single servings.

I’ve actually been baking up a storm lately. Trying to get in some good practice although this sweltering weather is probably not the best for hanging out in the hot kitchen. Of course I don’t have photos of all the treats I’ve made lately. Tonight’s project was oatmeal cookies. So yummy.

Hopefully I’ll get some brownies in this week and come up with some other ideas. Also really looking forward to making some vegan ice cream since it’s so hot. Even after the disaster that was my last attempt (okay it wasn’t a disaster, it was just um, crunchy).

Went to a vegan baking class on Sunday hosted Spork Foods which was really exciting and inspiring. There will definitely be some yummy surprises in the future…

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