New oven!

We’re getting a new oven today! So excited. I can’t even tell you. Anyway, here’s a tiramisu cupcake from a batch last week. They turned out pretty good but I wasn’t blown away. They were super easy to make though and look pretty nice (even though I did the quick and dirty version of putting them together).

On the craft and baking front, I made this apron. I still haven’t decided how I want to finish the bottom but it will do for now to protect my clothes. I have a ton of shirts with grease stains from spilling earth balance or frosting on myself while I’m cooking. Maybe I’ll add a few more stars too. This is one of those projects I whipped up in the middle of the night with some of the fabric I have laying around, so it’s not necessarily the best design but I think it came out pretty good considering.

Oh my god I can’t wait for the oven.

I made three batches of cupcakes last week but unfortunately didn’t snap any photos. I have to say the best of the bunch were the ‘jelly donut’ cupcakes. I filled them with huckleberry jam and they were awesome. No frosting and a crispy top. Not too sweet. Yum. Definitely want to work on some recipes for cupcakes that aren’t overwhelmingly sweet and sugary.


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