Halloween Cupcakes

You know what’s awesome? Halloween. I love it. I especially love getting to make Halloween treats, decorations and costumes. I love that you can decorate cupcakes and they can look like a five year old made them and they are still amazing. I made these guys for some friends and got a little carried away. Hope they like them. I have a lot of cupcake decoration ideas that I’m hoping I’ll still have time to execute this month. If not, I’m just going to pretend that November is still October. October part two. Is this cool with everyone? I think it’s a fabulous idea.



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13 responses to “Halloween Cupcakes

  1. these look pretty damn arty! I bet no 5-year old could decorate such lovely looking cupcakes!

  2. I’m making halloween cupcakes all next week in my brand new vegan bakery, I’ve already got all sorts of ideas ready to go – most of which you’ve already got covered here! Aren’t they so much fun? I can’t wait to get started, you’ve got me so excited!

  3. I think it’s a great idea – count me in!
    Those cuppies are amazing and has given me lots of ides.

  4. Can you please pretty please do nothing all day long but make cupcakes and show us pictures of them? It would really make my days a lot better. Kthxbye.

  5. The cupcakes look amazing!

  6. Those are super cute! I love the red-eyed green mummy one.

  7. i would feel bad eating those =/

  8. Heather

    These are adorable! I love the little vampire one…

  9. So cute! And I’m on board for October part two. Brilliant idea. 🙂

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