My favorite ghost cake

I had posted this video previously but it wasn’t anywhere near Halloween so I thought it deserved to be brought back for another go around. The little ghosts are made from Dandies vegan marshmallows and frosting. I think it’s possibly the cutest cake I’ve ever made. Enjoy the video. Weee!



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9 responses to “My favorite ghost cake

  1. I can’t believe you posted this right now…I was literally popping over to your blog to check your archives and make sure the ghost cake I just saw on a Martha Stewart e-mail wasn’t stolen from you. Yours is way better because it’s vegan and obviously made with Cute and Delicious super-powers!

  2. canadienne

    SO CUTE!!! aaaaah!!!

  3. Lex

    That ghost cake has been stuck in my head since you made it, I was thinking of making ghost cupcakes for Halloween! Totally deserves a repost! You can turn them into Snowmen cakes, too on Xmas

  4. That is the best ghost cake I’ve ever seen! Of course, it’s the only ghost cake I’ve ever seen. But that’s beside the point! It’s super-fab awesome.

    I posted about Dandies recently – even if they weren’t delish (which they are), I would have to love them just on the strength of their mascot. He is da bomb.

  5. Alice

    That is simply adorable. I wish those ghosts would haunt me.

  6. Oh. My. God. The spinning ghost cake is so cute I almost can’t take it! I love that cake.

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