zombies are out to get you

This Halloween Shawn and I participated in the Zombiethon run/walk around the Silverlake reservoir. We dressed up like zombies, terrorized a few Silverlake residents and had a lovely time walking around the reservoir on a beautiful October afternoon. Of course it was all for a good cause of raising awareness about brain cancer.

Since we’re pros in the zombie transformation department, Shawn won first place in the costume contest! He got a gift bag with a bunch of cool stuff, including an awesome limited edition zombiethon tee shirt, some gift certificates and of course a zombie craft kit. Of course, I completely hijacked the craft kit. It as put together by Home Ec and included everything you need to make some awesome zombie embroidery.

I stitched this zombie boy and girl on kitchen towels following the pattern from Sublime Stitching. The iron on patterns were super easy to follow, even for a first time stitcher like myself. Not to mention they look scary and awesome. It is kind of addicting too. I suddenly have the urge to stitch creepy little faces on fabric, sweatshirts, tees, towels, anything. Best of all, I finally get to use all that embroidery floss I’ve been holding on to from my friendship bracelet days (yeah we’re talking pre-teens).

You can check out Studiodrome’s photos from the event here and see more of the zombie madness. Also, check out our Halloween costumes (and a lot more)!



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11 responses to “zombies are out to get you

  1. I’m pretty sure that the real reason Shawn won is because he actually IS part zombie.

  2. Nicole

    Oh man, how cool! I always wanted to go to one of those.

  3. I love your stitching!

  4. I’m incredibly jealous of all your zombie fun! Great embroidery!

  5. AWESOME! I want to take part in a zombie run for charity, I didn’t even know things like that existed. Ooohhh…I want every day to be a dress up like zombies and terrorize innocent passerbys…for charity, of course!

    LOVE the stitching, that is so great!

  6. Your work is quite crisp and tidy for a first time stitcher. Stick with the embroidery. You’ve got a knack for it, and embroidery rules.

  7. Big congratulations on the win, Shawn! I’m not at all shocked that he took home the prize considering your expertise in all things zombie. 🙂

    Your stitching is amazing! I’d never have guessed it was your first attempt; it looks perfect to me.

  8. You guys look awesome & so does your stitching!

  9. anna

    you know i love this! i am going to try the wolfman next!

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