Brainwashed Love teaser trailer

You may remember back in June, I took a little break from blogging, baking and well my entire life basically and made a feature film. You probably don’t remember, but yeah, I did that. Shawn and I wrote the script to Brainwashed Love together and paid for the entire production ourselves. It is by far the craziest and hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was also one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had.

We’re still working on the last details to polish it up,  but in the meantime, we put together a little teaser trailer to show, and well, I’m so excited I have to post it here as well. Please watch, enjoy and share! Support truly independent films!

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8 responses to “Brainwashed Love teaser trailer

  1. An awesome trailer and an amazing film!

  2. wow, you are inspiring! it looks like a wonderful, engaging movie 🙂 i’d love to see it

  3. This. is. AMAZING.

    I am always stunned by your culinary talent, but now this!?!? This is too much!


  4. ok, I REALLY want to see this! Will it be out in the UK?

    • miss alix

      i hope so! it will be completely finished in the next few months and then we’ll work on distribution. i’ll keep you posted if it heads out your way.

  5. The trailer is awesome! Do you know where it’s going to be running yet? I’d love to see it in Atlanta!

    • miss alix

      at this point we don’t know where or when it might be playing but if there is a festival out there or something else i’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂

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