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Happy Holidays

For this holiday season I made my specialty: Vegan Cupcakes! For the past few years I’ve been using store bought icing on my cake and cupcakes because I haven’t found a recipe that has been quite wonderful enough. This year I got my hands on a cake decorating bag and felt it was absolutely necessary to make towers of frosting on my cupcakes. I made one batch of of what would have been dulce de leche cupcakes (had I used the icing I was supposed to instead of the vanilla frosting) for work and another batch of plain chocolate, also with vanilla frosting, for my family Christmas party. Ok, to be perfectly honest, I have never had such amazing frosting in my life. So good. Other good news is that my new oven (and when I say new, I mean seventy years old, just new to me) bakes quite well which is really a lovely thing since an off-temperature oven can ruin everything. In any case, I’ll try and keep up with my postings more than I have (oops!) .

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